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Welcome to the website of the group of internacional companies, called GREEN GROUP. All companies are engaged in promoting of ENERGY EFFICIENCY and development system for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), which is the only way to achieve sustainable economic development of a country or region. We started operations in 2010, with the cooperation of component manufacturers for biomass pellet and after 2 years of intensive work, we can say that we can participate in all aspects of sustainable development projects.

Primary activities of GREEN GROUP are:

  • Communication with potential investors, companies, public institutions and local government representatives about the beginning of building a system of sustainable development, or renewables systems,
  • Evaluation of potential opportunities and the possibilities of implementation of the system, making the basic economic analysis to estimate project costs and the economy during operations,
  • Assist in collecting information, documents and permits required for the smooth implementation of the project (especially in obtaining necessary permits for  feed-in tariffs),
  • Developing a feasibility study for better future project analysis and presentation to experts,
  • Preparation of technical documentation and production or purchase of machinery and components for the normal production process,
  • Transportation of components to implementation location, customization and installation, testing and training of workers for the manufacturing process or other activity demanded by project,
  • Assistance in product standardization and scientific analysis of the positive impact of the manufacturing process on the environment and assist in the selling of products to international market


Areas of interest of GREEN GROUP:

  • Agriculture - agriculture is the basis of sustainable development,
  • Renewable energy sources - biomass (biomass fuels), geothermal, solar and wind energy,
  • Non-renewable sources - natural gas, coal, oil, petroleum products and nuclear energy (fossil fuel use in terms of increased energy efficiency, the use of modern cogeneration processes),
  • Recycling - Waste selection, re-use of certain materials or the use of selected waste that can be burned in thermoelectric purposes,
  • Environmental protection analysis and implementation of all forms of production that can improve the environment conditions,
  • Improvement of health status of man and the environment - working on projects of specific medical purposes,
  • Improvements of energy efficiency - working on projects that allow energy efficiency increase (eg, the work on LED lighting systems

GREEN - GROUP is one of the first companies in Serbia and surrounding countries that directly promotes renewable energy sources (RES), according to the principles of sustainable development, through maximum utilization of the available matter and energy. This principle is in line with the latest trends of economic development in the EU, which aims to develop environmental awareness, environmental improvement and protection of the environment through the efficient use of available sources of matter and energy. RES are used for the efficient supply of energy that cheaper than fossil fuels, that Serbia and other countries in the region imports.

We can briefly classify all our activities in topic of increase of ENERGY EFFICIENCY, in order to ensure maximum positive impact in the developing world.

Note: All projects in a region must be carefully analyzed, to try to avoid negative consequences and inconsistencies in the development of renewable energy in the EU regions. Therefore, we plan to implement projects under the system step-by-step, along the lines of fitting physical properties of the system and the properties of nature in order to ensure balanced development and eliminate the possibility of the occurrence of some inconsistencies in economic development.

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