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Development of wind energy has great potential where wind energy will be an important energy source in the future. In essence, the wind is an inexhaustible source of energy, because it depends only on meteorological conditions (pressure differences in the atmosphere and in different areas). Even with the advent of the negative effects of greenhouse – global warming it is expected that wind energy potential increasesin coming years. It can be said that the energy of the movement of air masses several times exceeds global electricity needs. Best sites for wind farms are coastal areas, the tops of the mountains, and offshore wind power plants – windfarms at sea far from shore. In order to increase production of power certain designsof the generator is used, and it is necessary to determine the location where the average wind speed is optimal ( around 25km/h ). The potential use of wind energy, in order to obtain electricity is an issue that is the most researched and scientific developed in field of Renewable Energy Sources.Numerous measurements of wind speeds at different heights and wind rose for the determination of specific areas and heights are done by institutes in Serbia and other countries, where assessment of wind energy potential is made in the form of the Atlas of wind Energy of Serbia. It is estimated that Serbia from wind power could produce electricity with total power of 1300 MW, which is about 1300 wind turbines installed with power of 1MW,and it is the equivalent of 2300 GWh of electricity per year.The total consumption of electric power in Serbia energy is around 34 million of kWh per year, or compared to full usage of wind potential, wind turbines can generate 6.75% of country’s needs for electric energy.

Types of wind turbines:
  • Wind turbines with horizontal axis
  • Wind turbines with a vertical axis
  • With the addition of wind generators to reduce the background pressure
  • Magnetic wind turbines with horizontal axis
  • Magnetic - MagLev wind turbines with a vertical axis

Pictures of wind turbines:


Picture Jacobs design of horisontal axis wind turbine and expected wind power outputs compared to blade length


Pictures of large capacity wind turbines 3MW of capacity

Ofshore wind turbine and horisontal axis wind turbine and on the right is picture of vertical axis wind turbine


 Horisontal wind turbines with low back preassure frame

 Picture of magnetic wind turbine - MagLev twin vertical axis turbine design

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