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By working with EU partners, the program of supply of cheaper heat by implementing furnaces that are best in class. It is an automated biomass-fired ovens, which guarantee the functionality, quality, energy efficiency and stable heat supply.

Types of fuel that can be used:

all combustible biomass (agriculture and wood biomass) with maximum humidity level of 55%

In order to effectively burned wood biomass is used for direct heating of hot water, as a heat transfer medium. The boiler can burn firewood up to 55% moisture, and sawdust, pellets, bark and other woody biomass. With a moving grid system consists of water cooled.


Within the program there are systems for supplying power from 15kW to 20MW, boilers are designed for heating water to temperatures up to 105 °C, hot water is sent to the district heating system for heating purposes, or for the economy, wherever required a certain amount of heat.


Pictures of biomass furnaces: power of 50kW, picture 2 is furnace of 150kW and picture 3. is furnace of 350kW

TYPE of Furnace Effective power (kW) heating surface (m2)
C100B 100 833
C150B 150 1250
C180B 180 1500
C220B 220 1833
C250B 250 2083
C300B 300 2500
C350B 350 2917
C400B 400 3333
C450B 450 3750
C500B 500 4167
F600S 600 5000
F800S 800 6667
F1000S 1000 8333
F1500S 1500 12500
F2000SH 2000 16667
F3000SH 3000 25000
F4000SH 4000 33333
F5000SH 5000 41667
F6000SH 6000 50000

Offered models of automatic raw biomass furnace with installed power and effective heat surface

Boiler and heater hot water are welded steel plates and alloys, and permanent materials to fully insulate the interior from the exterior furnace, which reduces heat dissipation and increases the energy efficiency of biomass combustion. Furnaces that have high power, the combustion chamber is isolated with special bricks which are made ​​of material that has a high value of specific heat capacity, which is used for the accumulation of heat for a period of several hours. This reduces the amount of fuel needed to produce a unit of heat and allows more efficient use of the stove. Efficiency of the majority of installed devices is 90%, which allows biomass preheating process before it enters the combustion process in the main chamber, thus reducing moisture biomass and enables better use of biomass.


Parts of Biomass Furnace - First picture is for 50kW and second picture is biomass furnace with 500kW

1. The primary burner with a moving grid; 2. Secondary burn for additional crown; 3. Deflector; 4. Pocket in which the accumulated ash; 5. Turbulent heat exchanger; 6. Swirl disk; 7. Control Panel - Control System; 8. To add fuel conditioner; 9. Belts mechanism; 10. Intermediate container for fuel; 11. Moving to the middle chamber separator;
12. Conditioner for ash; 13. Grids engine; 14. Service door of the boiler; 15. Swirl the drive motor; 16. Expansion of the chimney; 17. Exhaust fan; 18. Conditioner for ash; 19. Optional accessory; 20. Primary and secondary fan; 21. Ignition fan; 22. Section extinguishing devices; 23. Storage with sensors for fire detecting; 24. Air Duct cleaning; 25. Sections for Dual boiler insulation.

In particular, it is important to note that the oven is fully automated, with precise control of oxygen flow, which controls the rate of combustion and indirectly allows full temperature control in buildings that are heated. That's why we say that automated furnace work ,,on click” so that they are suitable for use in the same way as natural gas furnaces. It is also important to note that automated furnaces have a lattice vibration which prevents excessive accumulation of biomass in the chamber where combustion is performed, so there is no ,,choking’’ flame and reduces the amount of ash that remains in special repositories in the cyclone furnace. Also depending on the furnace power GREEN - GROUP When installing the furnace takes care of the environment, particularly on air quality. Within each oven is necessary to correctly solve the system for discharge of smoke and ash. Because cyclones are developed and specific models that allow the chimney smoke spread evenly with a minimum participation of ash, which remains in special repositories and cyclone furnaces and to be cleaned so that air quality has been saved. All installed systems oven when in operation meet legally defined limit values ​​of maximum emission of compounds into the air, which is especially important for high power furnaces (by JUS M.E6.110 standard, which is regulated by law - was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, br.71/2010);

Electronics that are used to control the heat supply systems is based on SIEMENS PLC technology, which has a programmable displays, which allows fully automated production.


Images of Simenens PLC system for monitoring operations in Biomass furnace and picture on the right is aplication of 3 way valve for regulating 2 of more heating system in the same time


Pictures of 1500kW biomass furnace as part of Pellet plant (biomass is source of heat power for drying wood biomass suitable for pellet production)

Possibilities for the use of thermal energy in the sustainable development:

  • Warm-up households, production halls, farms ... all interior objects;
  • Getting less heat energy to the economy, such as sugar and other agricultural processing industry, production for the construction industry, refineries for fractional distillation, your heat bills will be reduced by more 15%;
  • Of particular importance for the RES sector is that biomass provides more heat for the anaerobic digestion process of obtaining biogas, thermal energy for a biodiesel I i II generation, production of bioethanol I i II generation and other biofuels, also in the perspective of the use of thermal energy in the process of recycling and energy production in the cogeneration process;
  • Ash that is collected after the combustion can be a potential fertilizer for agricultural lands, after conducting analysis of the composition and potential hazards;


Automated classification of the furnace installed capacity:

  • The smaller capacity of 15kW (suitable for surface heating of buildings 80m2) do 100kW (3200m2);
  • Medium capacity of 100kW to 500kW (15000m2) are used for small power plants and cogeneration;
  • Boilers larger capacity 500kW to 6MW for heating and power plant medium capacity;


The mechanism of operation of our boilers with internal cross-section guarantee high quality and long life, which is estimated at more than 15 years. Therefore, implementing a long-term financial plans and wishes of GREEN – GROUP the users are satisfied with the quality and cost of labor, and savings achieved for many years.
Boilers that are sold in our projects to reduce costs significantly heating, for over 15% your bills will heat be reduced when you go to purchase program thermal energy obtained from biomass.

All financial plans to realize the possibilities and potential customers looking for optimal solutions for the effective implementation of biomass heating systems and devices that are sold are in the range of quality in the EU, and Serbia and the region are the best. GREEN - GROUP provides full technical support to training for the use of ovens and professional service in the shortest time comes to repair the damage, and also perform seasonal inspections of heating systems installed.

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