Agriculture - Agrotechnics

GREEN GROUP with partners from Czech Republic has great development potential in Agrotechnic business. Partners from Czech Republic have started to carry business in 1992 in the late Czechoslovakia, at first like selling and servicing group and later as main developer for Agrotechnics. Within the scope of group is consequential segmentation to individual activities.


Robotic arms in process of welding of components in agrotechnics


GREEN GROUP in agriculture production is mainly specialized on big projects, let us say "turn key" projects and big, complex supplies of technologies, technological entities and whole buildings together with Renewable Energy Systems in order to make economic agricultural production with achieving maximum efficiency according to newest EU standards in order to produce fine food products that will increase overall Health status. Our main activities are in the sphere of capital equipment- farms for agriculture, but also companies for food-processing industry(processing of meat, milk, …), storage and processing of agricultural products (cereals, …), but also bionomics - storage and processing of slurry from farms including biogas reactors. New activities are technologies for producing biodiesel and ethanol.


Robotic arm in process of putting metal parts on backcoverage of separator


GREEN GROUP offers to you basic activities for implementation of complex supplies of agrotechnic equipment and services in the top-grade quality and favourable price.  Main scope of activities in agrotechnics are:

  • Sale of complete technologies for pigs, poultry and cattle and for slurry procesing
  • Production of technologies and constructions from own development
  • Projecting and distribution of know-how developed in cooperation with partners from USA,England, Denmark and other countries
  • Turn-key deliveries for agriculture and food processing
  • Service and installation
  • Engineering
  • Financing (all sorts of financial products for financing of our deliveries, inclusive leasing, export credit, financing of demands, financing from the structural fonds EU etc.)




Final products of our work in agrotechnics, large systems of farms for economic agroproduction

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