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We offer technology for dry, pasty and liquid feeding. From very simple systems to full electronic, computer controlled technologies for liquid feeding or automatic feeding boxes for feeding sows with eartags.


Each from this systems has positive and negatives, we can project optimal system for your farm. Electronic systems for feeding ensure better results, better fuel value of feed. Premise is quality attendance. In dry or pasty system they will be results always any 10- 15% worse, but without risk of impact attendance "mistakes".

  • Systems for dry and pasty feeding
  • Liquid feeding
  • Fermented liquid feed
  • Electronic feeding boxes


Systems for „dry“ and „pasty“ feeding

Cableway conveyors

We deliver systems in two standard sizes- 50,8 mm and 63,5 mm, and at request 38mm system too. Compared to common system in the marketplace is difference in top quality, high reliability and provided guarantees

Drive unit

Driving wheel has a large diameter handling safe transfer and minimal bending of cable with plastic traps. The drive unit is reversible and can be installed on the floor or on the wall. Protective system saves cable in case of overfreight.

Cable with traps

Special rope is protected by rubber coating, under rubber coating is oil, that stops the cable drying out and the cable stays strong and flexible.Thereby is service life essential longer than in other systems.


Bends are mouldedfrom durable plastic and can be fitted horizontally, vertically or at gradient. The innes wheel is equipped with close ball bearings. High tolerances stop the ingress of dumpness.

Chain conveyers

Bauer chain conveyers have a huge transport length ofup to 300 meters and capacity up to 1.350 kg/hour. The drive unit is placed in a box made of stainless steel.

Inlet hopper

For cable and chain system we offer very simple hopper; it can be placed in or out of the stable, on the floor or under the silo. It can be supplied with or without motor and has a sight-glass. Features a security trap to prevent system damage of foreign particles. At request we offer stone catchers too.

Flex augers

It is high duty and simple transport system with outputs of 400 – 6.700 kg/hour. Providing a transport of granulated and loose feed. Our flex augers have extremely long lifetime, we offer plastic or steel bends and plastic pipes with metal coating.

Control units of conveyers

For all types of conveyers we produce several types of control units, which can be combined and extended by modul series. All have possibility to program the system with working times and alarm for motor overload and cable over freight, all in an easy and friendly way.


Biofix feeding systems

For pregnant sows we offer system which enable restrictive feeding via special system, which dosing feed at the speed of 2- 3 g/s, i. e. the speed of pig feeding. By this is guaranteed, that the every sow gets exactly programmed amount of feed.


We offer various types of feeders for sows, piglets and weaning pigs.

Volume batcher VD - 2

Dosing machine from a see-through plastic provides the perfect view of feed quantity for every sow, possibility to control automatic or manual, capacity from 4 to 8 kg.

Volume batcher GALAXY

New in our program. It is ideal for most of farms.

Volume batcher ECONO AP

An easy and cheap dosing machine with ideal summary of dosed feed.

Feeders in group pens

Maximat presents modern system of feeding automats made from stainless steel for piglets and fattening. Combination of the tube alone and reservoir with stainless trough (that is for fattening designed) offers optimal hygiene and running, because in reservoir cannot come any dampness. Shape of this reservoir ensures trouble-free dosage both pellets and mill without it doesn´t make any bridges

Tube feeders MEW and AP

This is an improved type of feeding automat with the plastic reservoir in top part. An easy contruction has more possibilities of a dosage setting. Very interesting is low price and easy cleaning.

Phase feeding

This system we developed because of the need to feed in one conveyer more kinds of feeding mixtures in one feeder according to programmed feeding curve.

Wet corn feeding (CCM)


Modern feeding system for pigs enabling high cost economies in breeding. The way of feeding is intended for special conditioned mixing tanks, that has a weighing sensor. All system are connected to conveyer system (or conveyers) of dry feeding. It is controlled by special control unit. For dry feeding system is possible to store the corn grain in silos, in sacks or in a hole. Mixing tank – we offer standard two types of size. Every tank has 3 outlets.

Feeders Vario-Mix without identification of animals in group pen

SSpecial feeder Vario-Mix works with VVC computer. At the moment of the sow has her head in the feeder, it comes to over a photocell after fixed delay to feed of appropriate helping of feed in small dosages. VVC computer has driving feeding curve with daily dosage for an animal. Feeding in small dosages is guarantee that in a group is calm, every animal became its dosage and animals are not hungry. Vario-mix without identification is intended for steady groups of sows.

Rem. In the part „Electronic feeding systems“ you can find feeder Vario Mix with electronic identification.


Liquid feeding

HAMPSHIRE SYSTEM for small and large farms, systems have been in use in all sorts of operating conditions and continually being developed. Systems are based on modular construction, that enabling to offer optimal solution with the low cost for each farm. We offer system in 2 versions:

  • Strategic feeding with sensors in trough
  • Restrictive feeding with feeding places 1:1

Full automatic system which ensure setting of the feed amount according to feeding curve, energy, price, number of pigs in pen, their age, component price etc.



Mixing tanks are made from plastic with outside or inside pump (this is used like hydraulic mixer FlowMixerwith high interfuse in comparison with other systems).

Programs - We offer 5 program modules:

  • We offer 5 program modules
  • SectionManager for feeding of planty different sections/groups
  • FeedManager for strategic feeding with sensors in trough
  • StockManager for restrictive feeding
  • PhaseManager for phase feeding



We offer controllers which ensuring effectiveness of hole system, it is good and easy for service. For each farm we build individual system.


Pumps are constructed specially for this purpose from stainless steel 316. High discharge, long working life. Main shaft and packing are in oil, i.e. pump can run without water.

Feeding valves 

We offer 2 types of valves. Both of them have special strong construction, easy service and easy cleaning. Upside of valve is made from high resistence material with built-in packing for wiring. Valve SK is mounted on main pipes, valve HFS is mounted on drain pipe.

Alternative feeding systems

Depending on the feeding strategy, ration, ration, size of herds, we will always provide the optimal solution for your farm. From standard, normal feeding systems, trough to phase feeding or any solution to suit every farm situation.

Standard feeding systems

Standard feeding systems mean the traditional use of liquid feeding where feed remains in the pipes, ready to feed at any time and according to the requirement feed curve. The system can calculate changes in the number of animals and the feed curve and amend the amount fed, always reaching the optimal feeding mixture. The controllers will also provide data on feed curve, quantity fed, live-weight gain and feed conversion.


Phase feeding

The basic principle of phase feeding is that two individual mixing tanks prepare two different mixes with high and low protein content. Two separate pipelines in parallel run through the unit above the feed valve which is connected to the outlet pipe for each pen. Because the two valves open at the same time, it is possible to feed the exact mixture of protein-based feed according to the growth phase of the pigs. This system is high effective for liveweight gains.

Pipeline rinsing

Pipeline rinsing eliminates feed remains in the pipeline either by loading with fresh feed, washing through with water or by inserting a plastic body (mouse) in the pipeline. These three methods offer together the possibility of having several kinds of mixtures in one pipeline.


PC/NET communication

This concept was designed with internationally standardized PC formats. This means easier access to other controller programs and data from any kind of PC, IPaQ or Smart telefon, data can be regulated and analysed using standard software.

Strategic „Ad lib“ feeding

100% functioning solution Ad lib“ or sensory feeding enables the optimal use of pens by using fewer troughs. Sensors in the trough detect feed levels and fill accordingly. This method improves intakes and growth rates together. We recommend a ratio of 1:3 up to 1:6.


Fermented liquid feed

After a years of intensive development we introduce on the market a new, that can mean essential revolution in pig breeding – controlled fermentation of feed with the help of LAB bacteria (special strain of lactic acid bacteria). With this new we can essentially influence the quality of breeding. In our system of controlled fermentation of feed can be declared:

  • Perfect start of piglets rearing without medication, without problems with coli diarrhoeas. It shows that piglets prefer liquid fermentated feed against dry already since first day,
  • We achieve substantially higher immunity in all breeding, fundamental recovery of breeding and cost cutting for feed and increasing efficiency of farms,
  • There is up to about 0,7-1 kg higher birth weight of piglets
  • Higher feed intake and its conversion – up to about 15 % better than by usage of dry feed
  • Taste of feed is always the same and bacteria work like taste ripeness and this increase feed consumtion by sows, piglets and fattening pigs,
  • We can control how lawsonia bacteria work and we can check amino acids level without usage of medicaments,
  • It releases more energy from feed
  • Fermentation releases all minerals and phosphorus from cereals and this makes feed cheaper because of reduce of premix,
  • It increase water taking by animals,
  • Regulation pH to 3,5 up to 4,2 conserves feed, that it can stay in the pipeline long time. This pH can dissolve or suppress all negative bacteria, that are typical for pig breeding. Increasing pH value of meat decreases possibility of cancer diseases,
  • It falls off production of acetatic acid and alcohol in feed
  • It falls off a risk of degradation synthetic lysine, in procedure of uncontrolled fermentation is it regular
  • It proves an influence of LAB on suppressing development and an incident of toxins and smaller load of environment (due to breakdown of cereals is used natural phosphorus and mineral components, so that it isn´t necessary to add them in premix),

Your liquid feeding system we are able relatively easy reconstruct to the system that use advantages of fermentation.


Electronic feeding boxes

We offer a few of electronic feeding systems. From the simple feeders with electronic identification to the smart boxes based on system VELOS.



Feeders Vario-Mix with identification of animals in group pen.

New feeding system Vario-Mix with identification is based on animal identification and on dosing of exact portion of feed. Over ear responder is the animal identified, the push bolt will be opened or closed and the feed will be dosed. Every animal get exactly feed dosage just for itself. Contingent remains the computer shows by next feeding according to setting curve (for individual animals, not for average out group).


Excellent solution VELOS for animals comfort and for ideal sows control. Effective control of the herd is the basic problem for every farmers. Our electronic feeding box is supplied in 2 versions. 

  • Electronic batcher,
  • Walk trough electronic feeding box.


  • New system for electronic feeding moves existing limits for animals monitoring, individual feeding, efficiency and herd controlling,
  • Connects mechanization, automatization and robotization to the one complex,
  • Program was tested with top pig breeders,
  • It is compatible with current programs, it is friendly for users,
  • Service support for 24 hours


Electronic feed dosing

Electronic system provides that every animal has own feed portion in desired time. With connection on electronic batcher or box it is the most effective system.

Individual feeding

Whole system is based on individual feeding with maximum efficiency. Costs for feeding represents circa 35% of all costs. Therewithal you can easy monitor sows condition when they are fed. And that is possible only with our system. Basic features of individual feeding process:

  • System identify individual sows,
  • Dosing automatically feed portions depending on heat stadium, condition and health,
  • Monitor how much feed does the sow ate and how many times she visited box,
  • Automatically dosing water,
  • Data storage,
  • Herd management


VELOS electronic system enable checking, selection and separation of individual sows depending on animal identification. You decide and the box make a selection. Either by color spraying or by selection gate to the special selection box or corridor. System enable selection of random animals based on heat, illness, vaccination…



Velos system has exact heat detection for sows. Station monitor number of visits at boar and frequency of this visits. At the turning point is the sow written down on the attention list and can be sprayed or separated by selection box.

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