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From our robotic production and development we supply a number of systems tailored exactly to your farm requirements, drawn from: technological, architectural, veterinary and zootechnic knowledge from all over the world. We produce for you, optimal ordering of stable under current EU codes and unique know-how proven in practice. Combinations of steel (zinc-dipped), stainless steel and plastic parts with high levels of proven design our pens are welfare friendly. We can divide penning systems by it's usage:

  • Stabling for sows,
  • Penning of piglets,
  • Penning of pigs



We offer all the elements for stabling of dry sows and sows after insemination, pregnant or farrowing sows and suckling sows. 


Classic eroscenter

An excellent system for individual and group pens, designed for the well being of animals during veterinary operations. Pens are arranged to stimulate the function of the boars. Construction allows easy access to breeding sows. The eroscenter always provides easy entry and exit of the animals. Doors are designed for easy opening. For stables with narrow corridors, we suggest a back part foldable bin, which makes easy entry and exit for the sows.


Intensive eroscenter

Special boxes with sow exit over frontal gate. Pens for boars are situated at the head of the sow rows. At the back, every pen is equipped with a two-part gate that allows the sow enter - ideal for breeding, easy for service and for installation. Water inlet and outlet tube for feeding are built into the frontal part of the barrier.


Self-bounding box

Designed for easier entry and exit for the stock,with efficient stabling for sows, especially in stables with narrow corridors. Foldable rocker-type casing helps sow to enter and exit. The box is designed so it can close itself without any sow leaving. Exit from the box is controlled centrally with the exception of sows that have been selected to be left in for checking, insemination or selection.



Stabling of pregnant sows

Stabling of pregnant sows is designed depending on the stabling technology (small or big groups) and feeding system, which must be always restrictive.

MultiBox system

This is a modern system of stabling, combining individual and free pens for sows. Modern trends go towards stabling in big groups, at the same time giving the possibility of holding them in indivdual boxes for veterinary inspection, checking etc. Otherwise the sows are in big pen with the rest. It is an ideal system for pens with deep bedding or partially slatted floor. MultiBox is an obvious and reliable variant to other systems for free stabling of sows.

Biofix system

This is an easy system of stabling sows in groups with separated feed places at trough by the help of a short barriers that provides restriction of feed. It is suitable for liquid feeding systems as well as dry feed systems using volume batchers, and troughs can be lengthwise or individual plastic or stainless steel troughs.


Classic pen system

The classic pen system is made from all-metal (stainless, zinc-dipped or varnished steel) or partly plastic forms with walls made of plastic boards or all-wall panels. It is suitable for small and big groups. It is easy to split into different areas for feeding, lying and defecation.

Farrowing houses - farrowing pens

The basis of modern thinking is for farrowing without problems in tho most hygene setting, the easy removal of vastes and a guarante of an optimal environment for piglets after birth until they obtain their own level of immunity. Prefered encourage the well-being of sows and piglets and allow for complete disinfection. Separating walls are made from large plastic boards with steel moulding and top pipe.

We also provide heating systems, lairs, feeders and other accessories.

Farroving pen Classic

This is an open farrowing cage with the possibility of expansion at the back. The pen is made from plastic boards in steel frames or from fully plastic panels.

Farrowing pen - Top

Luxury pen design with a closed cage on top, with room to place information card. Constructed with a stainless steel, high volume trough. The pen is made from plastic panels or plastic boards in a frame.

High farrowing pen

An ideal solution for rapid reconstruction or for use during building maintenance. We supply with plastic or stainless slurry tanks.


Space and hominess

The farrowing pen must be in the right proportions and must be warm and dry. Therefore we equip most of them with nests, where there is enough of  space for all the piglets from the biggest litters. This provides full control over piglets and optimal temperature, dry place. The nests are made with removable plastic floor and with electric or warm-water heating panels or lamps. Cages have well designed safety elements, which provides enough of space for suckling and safe piglets before overlaying.


Pen hygiene

Is provided by using top slats with different sizes for piglets and sows (plastic alt. steel or cast-iron). Sows and piglets must be able to move safely movement and be comfortable while laying without the fear of injury. Construction of pens makes in back part a slot 40 mm for stripping extrections or we can install opening windows.


We supply plastic and stainless steel troughs in the right shape size, in single or double versions for 2 pens. Stainless steel drinkers for sows and piglets are installed on stainless adjustable hangings. Troughs can also be foldable.



Classic pen

Simple pen constructed from plastic and metal (ladder) barrier, without nests.


Pens with nests (2-clima pens)

So-called pens is excellent for ideal clima in pen. Due to it the section is only malleblized and higher temperature is provided in nest. The folding nest is made from a sturdy horizontal back part and stow-away front part. Combined with side panels made from plastic boards or from concrete, this provides a comfortable and quiet area without any draught. Nests provide very quick return on investment by being both energy saving and hygienic.




Pens for fattening pigs are simple, large and easily installed. Size, closing of gates to the full width of the pen gives enough space for handling and moving animals as well as the removal of slurry.


„Combi system“

Constructional system of steel ladder walls and plastic panels in all stables. Sides of the pen are made from long lasting plastic panels. Whether liquid feeding or dry feeding, ad-lib or restrictive feed - the system suits all.


„Standard system“

Classic system from ladder welded walls with zinc-dipped surface. We can supply in combination with stainless steel columns.


Components for pigs

We also supply heating panels or lamps with holders; stainless steel, ceramics and plastic-concrete troughs; drinkers; bowls for piglets, everything what you need for optimal using of the pens.

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