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In the past 10 years poultry meat was taken on basic position in bill of frame in most of countries. Producing of poultry meat in effective way and in desired quality is complex of many factors. We talk about "industrialization" of production has proven to be most effective. Production in small capacities, without excellent procedures and technologies is basically impossible. Classical characters for agricultural production were practically removed. Chance have only the completely designed farms, without compromises in technologies, constructions and procedures. Without electronics is already impossible ensure the standard high results.

For all categories of poultry we offer complex delivery of constructions and technological entities. We've ready top elements for feeding, power supply, ventilation and heating, control systems, lighting, eggs collecting and so on, inclusive new systems as are aviary systems for stabling, free range systems..., everything with regard for lowest costs at preservation of conditions for high effectiveness and qualities of performance. New are alarm systems improve on camera systems for checking-up your stable with internet connection possibility and data collecting by WI- FI nets to the central computer.

Constructions and technologies developed by our company are guarantee of fast build - up, low prices and high results of your breeding.

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