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Quality drinking system provides quality results of your breed

Nipple drinkers

We supply complete drinking systems. Part of each drinking line is a trim tank and rotary deaeration on the end of line. Medication set is also part of the system. Supplied systems guarantee:

  • water is always distributed clear and fresh, enclosed system
  • nippel can be easy operated by small chicks
  • all nipples are made from stainless steel, that  provides long life
  • easily replaceable

Offered systems guarantee:

  • Simple and reliable water distribution
  • Fresh and clear water
  • Simple service ad cleaning
  • Better results
  • Working without problems

TOP-Combinippel Art. 4024

TOP-Combinippel Art. 4024 easy horizontal and vertical opening, it is good for first days of fattening. Yellow design is recomanded for cage breeding, becouse you can better recognize it on the wire construction.

10-12 chicks/nippel (for dry floor can be used saucer Art. 4612 .)


TOP-Combinippel Art. 4078

Nippel with normal or reduced water level

4-6 chicks/nippel


Pan drinker Snap Cup Art. 4017 / 4019

For brown poultry in their 8-10 days it is nessary to have automatic drinkers. This drinkers distribute water to cca 20 mm hight.

Parts of holder Art. 4338 and 4370 provides hight adjusting of drinkers. In this solution the pipline stands.

Central hight adjusting provides holder part  Art. 4315 and frame Art. 4340

Recomanded load:

TOP-Nippel without saucer

TOP-nippel reduced Art. 4073

4 - 6 chicks/nippel

TOP-nippel reduced Art. 4077

8 - 10 chicks/nippel

TOP-combinippel reduced Art. 4078

8 - 10 chicks/nippel

TOP-Nippel with saucer

TOP-nippel reduced Art. 4073

10 - 15 chicks/nippel

TOP-nippel reduced Art. 4077

10 - 15 chicks/nippel

TOP-combinippel reduced Art. 4078

10 - 15 chicks/nippel


Drinkers CT

Massive drinker, with higher flow of warter. We offer design for chicks or hens.


Hat drinkers

Simple and functional system for drinking.

  • Useable from 4 weeks old
  • 10-12 drinkers for 1000 turkeys
  • Low water pressure 0.4 – 0.6 bar
  • Tank for  for weight cca (7kg), possible to fill in by antifreezer
  • Adjustable water level

Mini Drinker

Can be used for CT nipple (better access for chicks in first days).

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