Nests for egg collecting

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We offer top quality JPQ nests, tested by years of using in stables with bedding. It is an ideal system for layers or reproduction breeding.

Automatic nesting system is a excellent technology which can save up to 50% of work. The Nests are equipped with automatic closing system and with egg collectors, are easy cleaning. Nesting systems provides  more eggs per layer.

Perfectly are solved entry to the nests, floor with cleaning and rolling system for eggs. The nests have automatic closing system wich depends on lighting of the stable.

Advantages of nests:

  • Troublefree construction for poultry
  • Soft mattress reduce damage of eggs
  • We use proven materials – waterproof plywood, plastic sides, zinc-dipped construction etc.
  • Automatic closing system
  • Easy cleaning
  • More eggs per layer
  • Clean eggs
  • Save of work
  • Minimum of eggs are on beeding
  • Higher hatching
  • Breeding on the floor



Breeding on the floor

Ideal for layers and for production of eggs for hatch.

What else we offer:

  • Individual nests for layers
  • Grids
  • Egg collectors
  • Drying systems for excrements

Egg collecting

The main part is automatic conveyor with perforated belt. At the end of conveyor is stainless steel collecting table for rolling of eggs. It is conducted lengthwise in auotomatic nesets Jensen.

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