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Cooling systems are an essential part of the formation of qualitaty microclimates. By using these systems we achieve the near elimination of poor health and higher poultry mortality.

The development of Microclimate cooling systems went from the viewpoint that every animal category needs to have different system, taking account of the fineness of drops and quantity of water, that the air can hold. The decisive factor in this is the ventilation system in the stable and its capacity, where ventilators and wall valves are located.

We use 2 methods to decrease temperature:

By increasing air flow

Our ventilation systems increase the speed of air flow when required with extreme temperatures and thereby increase temperature perception and eliminate heat stress.

By dispersion of water in agitated air

We offer number of technically and differently priced cooling systems. The higher system requirements are where longer annual control is needed means it is nessary to use the highest pressure possible with finer jets. Fine jets have an output 0,05 – 0,8 lt/min, coarser jets usually have 0,5-0,8 lt/min. Temperature increases in normal conditions are up to 5 °C.

High pressure systems - TOP CLIMA

100-150 Pa are mostly supplied in instalations with stainless steel pipelines and high pressure pumps suitable for fine water scatter especially for us in poultry.


Low pressure stationary MICROSPRAYMATIC spraying systems up to 60 Pa (PE pipeline joinable in common water distributions, coarser jets). By flow cca 25-35 lt/hour is the spray circle cca 1-2,5 m, i.e. the distance between jets is 2 –5,0 m. These systems are attractive especially because of their low price. They are used in the season of very high temperatures. System is applicable in places where it is necessary to regulate animal defecation.

Cooling ventilators system

They are equipped by jets or spray heads on sides. They can work with low water pressures from pipes or with high pressures from pumps. Actual reach is 20-30 m. In addition they have positive effect on air circulation as well.


Hygrofan rotator uses low water pressure 1-6 bar and uses a rotating disc at the head that couses atomization of the water.


  • not difficult for water quality
  • low water pressure
  • regulation of water consumption
  • regulation of air output


Hygrofan HP is intended for high-pressure air diversion pressurised to 120 bar. Air drops are very small so that it doesn´t cause wet floors or other surfaces.


  • Higher water capacity
  • Noiseless run
  • Perfect mist (atomisation)
  • Low energy requirement
  • Can add disfectants


Pad cellular systems ( PAD COOLING )

These systems available in several versions especially for stables with central air supply or with tunnel systems. The advantage is the price, the disadvantage is that these systems can not be used all year.

We offer „closse system“ from UV stabilized PVC, where the surface of cellular plate moists and „open system“ made of stainless components, where the jets moisten the surface of honeycombs and the function is better controllable. We work with the computing speed of air flow 1 – 1,5 m/sec. Apart of this is a recycling bin for water. Lower trough has a capacity of 44,8 litres/m.

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