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Dairy cows lie one each box for 10 to 13 hours a day, and get up and lie down up to 10 times per day. free group stabling of dairy cows in individual boxes is a system, which meets the needs and comfort requirements of animals troughout their life and production cacles. A well-designed box has a major effect on breeding success, which is why we offer a complete barrier system for all categories of animals. Behind the apparently simple shape of the barrier there are dozens of hours spent monitoring the physiology of dairy cattle.

The barriers are made from steel tubing without surface finish, or from galvanized steel tubes. They are supplied with all accessories and connection pieces, spaced to client‘s requirements:

  • STANDARD lying boxes
  • „G“ – type lying boxes
  • „L“ – type lying boxes
  • Stabling calves in an „IGLOO“
  • Bulls stabling
  • Trough barriers

STANDARD lying boxes - single row and double row

The simplest type of box, bolted to the floor trough a steel anchor plate or concreted into anchor holes, or fastened to the wall. A flexible tubular neck barrier is fastened over the lying box.

We shape them individually to meet ethological requirments and your expectations

„G“ – type lying boxes – single - row and double – row

A special barrier, which moves vertically on square column. An advantege is that the height of the box is adjustable.

„L“ – type lying boxes – single - row and double – row

Side barriers are fitted on horizontal support pipes allowing the size of the box can be changed at any time, in terms of both height and width.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions – curve: 870x1850 (or 770x1850 or 770x1700)
  • Column: 1800 (or 1500 or 1200)


Made of black tubes or bent from galvanized tubes or zinc coated...


Stabling calves in an „IGLOO“

We offer plastic huts for stabling calves, individually or in groups, with large or small range or wiithout it. For individual „Igloos“ can be barrier euquiped with one or two buckets.

Bulls stabling

Of course, we supply barriers for other categories of cattle - heifers, calves ...

Trough barriers

We supply simple tubular or fixation barriers.

Naturally these are accompanied by a complete gate system, mobile barriers, fixation and trough barriers.

Scratching posts

These are used for loose cattle in a stable, run or grazing. The scratching postshelps to keep the herd calm and animals comfortable in general.

Sturdy scratching post with two large brushes in a galvanized metal frame, Fixed side brush, back bone brush loose on a spindle, held by its own weight. No springs. Height adjustable to suit size of herd. Backbone brush can easily be fixed to the wall, barrier or on vertical column.

Technical data:

  • Side frame: 1100x200
  • Upper frame: 850x70
  • Brushes: 700x150

Gumboot washer

Simple gumboot washer – we supply a mobile or stationary model, fully stainless steel.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 760 x 360 x 900
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Water connection: 1/2"

Feed rack

The feed rack is designed to take standard round bales up to 150 cm in diameter. Simple and massive hot dip galvanized construction. Folding side walls make it easy to fill and can be adjusted to suit the size and shape of the bale. The roof is detachable. The channel at the bottom minimalizes losses of th most valuable feed. For manipulation the feed rack is fitted with a 3-point linkage. The width of the feed points is 19 cm. The sturdy construction means it can be carried using the 3-point linkage, pulled along or using a carrying loop.

  • Number of places: max. 18
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH): 170 x 160 x 210 cm
  • Weight: 170 kg

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