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In warm summer seasons cooling system is an essential components in the creation of a quality microclimate for cattle, pigs and poultry. They can help us to eliminate the negative impact of overheated air on animals.

The development of cooling - microclimate systems was based on the fact that each category of animals needs a different dispersal system, droplet softness and quantity of water the air can absorbe. Of crucial importance is the stable ventilation system and its capacity, and the positioning of ventilators and wall outlets.

We use two ways of reducing stable temperature:

1) Increasing air flow

Ventilation systems are used in critical situations with extreme temperatures possibilty increasing of air flow speed, thereby decrease a „sensational“ feeling of temperature and eliminate the heat stress

New generation of MFS type ventilators

We offer a new type of ventilators with following characteristics and equipment:

  • ventilator is thin – diffuser is integrated in the ventilators cover
  • electromotor is fitted on the support – better cooling for motor by intensive air flow, fan is powered by V-belt from motor
  • ventilator including a protection grid
  • ventilator is equippeed with adjustable holder which allow to adjust angle from 0° to 25° (0°,5°,10°,15°,20°,25°)
  • ventilator MFS can be fitted on the roof beam, by chain or frame, on wall, support etc.

MFS = perfect air circulation in the stable

Reasons why to buy a quality ventilator:

  • you avoid problems with heat stress of animals
  • you will have better helth of animals
  • you improve efficiency
  • grow-up economy of your business

Air flow Characteristics for ventilator MFS

  • For effective cooling must be air speed about 2 m/s
  • (F) is the trace of ventilator air speed
  • Size of air speed trace depends on output and adjusted angle of ventilator

2) Dispersion of water into air stream

We offer an entire range of cooling systems using different techniques and at various prices. The greater the requirments on a system, or rather the longer we intend to use it during the year or the more precisely we want to control it, the greater the pressure and the softer the jets that must be used. Soft jets have a flow of 0,5 – 0,08 lt/min, coarser jets generally have 0,5 – 0,8 lt/min. In normal conditions the temperature is reduced by up to 5°C.

High-pressure systems TOP KLIMA 100-150 Pa are generally supplied with stainless piping, high. pressure jets and high-pressure pumps suitable for gentle water spraying, particularly onto poultry.

MICROSPRAYMATIC stationary low-pressure systems (spraying) up to 60 Pa (PE pipes can be connected to water mains, coarsers jets). A flow of 25 – 35 lt/hour sprays an area of around 1 – 2,5 metres, i.e. the distance between the jets is 2 – 5.0 metres. These systems are particularly attractive due to their low price. They are used when the temperature is extremely high. The system is ideal where animal faeces need to be regulated.

Saturation of water on skin is better than mist (animal is coated by mist – soft drops)

Cooling ventilator system have jets or dispersed heads arranged around the perimeter. They can work with low pressure from water main pipes or with high-pressure pump. The practical range is 20-30 metres. They also have a cooling effect due to air circulation


Placement of MFS ventilators in the stable

Technical data:

Tip 50

MFS 36


Size AxBxC

1085x1085x320 mm

1380x1380x320 mm


914 mm

1270 mm

Quantity of air:

34.120 m3/h


230 V




0.55 - 0.75 kW

0.75 - 1.1 kW


425 min-1

476 min-1


IP 55


38.5 kg

67 kg

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