Feeding systems for calves and dairy cows

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Feeding system for calves

In order to achieve a high yield of both milk and food it is necessary to have healthy rearing and fast-growing calves. A computer-controlled feeding machine can help to create ideal conditions.

  • allows dosage of raw milk or dairy feed mix or a combination of both at the ratio 10-90%
  • the machine feeds up to 60 calves, ensures the correct composition of feed, dosing and records the amount received; compares the planned dose with the actual dose
  • dividing the daily dose into smaller lots means that the starter is accepted earlier
  • stable composition and temperature of feeding dose  (temperature during mixing  is 42-45°C, when served, 39°C). Mixing in 0,5 litre batches - calf does not get less than 0,5 lt. or more than 2,5 lt. per session
  • allows each animal to be checked individually by means of a responder and antenna and gives an early warning signal if problems arise
  • group nursing of calves allows free movement ,which helps to strengthen bones and muscles
  • reduced costs of feed and manpower

Programmable control unit for up to 4 feeding curves and 77 days of feeding.


Automatic feeding boxes for dairy cows

Feeding box for dairy cows with grain in a group. The controll computer can allocate each milker up to 15 doses split into up to 7 portions. The cows are identified via an active or passive transponder. 

The accuracy of the dosing worm is +/- 5%, depending on the composition of feed.

FEEDTROL feeding system

The aim of the  FEEDTROL system is to eliminate losses caused by the difference between the planned and actual feeding for the herd. It can form part of any type of mixing feed trolley, either towed or self-propelled, which is fitted with a set of tensometric scales. 

Advantages of the system:

  • helps to plan and control daily feeding process
  • simple and easy to update charts
  • precise planning of feed dose per head and per herd
  • managed by the stable hand during his work
  • allows precise monitoring of feeding process
  • helps workers to make changes to increase feed succes
  • motivates workers to work responsibly

FEEDTROL allows cattle breeders to print out a set based on updated data from a particular period. The cattle breeder works with clear feed charts to ensure that the feeding process is optimal and economical.

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