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Scraping shovels

These days hydraulic, chain or rope shovels are the easiest and most reliable way of shovelling manure from the stable. We install shovels that have been produced using years of experience in stables for cattle and pigs under a wide variety of climatic conditions in a great many countries. In 2001 we launched a new product that we developed ourselves, the WING hydraulic shovel, an original system distinguished for its ease of use and minimum operating and maintenance requirments. The scraping shovel moves along the corridor using a mechanism with a grooved rod placed below or above the level of the floor.

We offer automatic programming of the shovelling process using a digital or analogue control unit. Naturally they feature automatic shut down if an obstacle is hit.

Our offer includes:

  • scraping shovels with traction chain
  • scraping shovels with steel or and textil rope
  • hydraulic scraping shovels

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