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Technology and buildings for grain and food

  • Feed mills
  • High-capacity grain stores
  • Stores for wet corn


Feed mills

 We supply all sizes of feed mills including silos for grain and mixture. We also supply individual components - grinders, tanks, conveyors, weighing systems. In our projects, we observe all demands from our clients.

  • various outputs from 0,5t/hour of feeding mixture
  • separated batch way of  prduction
  • one-step production system with improvement of premixed mixtures or installation of  micro-component line
  • elimination of contamination of components
  • dosing by weight of all components
  • quality homogenization
  • elimination of contamination of prepared mixture
  • elimination of self-sorting and failure of homogeneity

Whole plant can be designed to the new buildings (also from our production) or to the existing buildings with newly-built silos. Projects includes not only production technology but also basic working and storing capacities i.e. input silos, production silos and dispatch silos. Capacities and number of silos are always consulted and modified by the customers requirements considering  production capacity of feed mill, raw material basis, number and structure of mixture, method of storage, dispatch of prepared mixture etc.

Separated control room should be a part of manufacture, there will be placed switch boards and controlling systems. Composition of production equipment and manufacturing process are always designed considering to required output, raw material store, required quality of feed and lifetime of equipment. That is why we use tested equipment, which is normally used in manufactures with compared output as designed prouduction line.

Top quality silos, conveyors, mills and whole lines together with quality project. This is it, what makes us better then the other companies.

High-capacity grain stores

We supply complete systems for entry, transport, drying and claening of  cereals. We use the most modern technology with high reliability and long lifetime. We are able to project, design and supply solution for all storage capacities.

Stores for wet corn

Feeding with maize grown for grains and stored in a wet form is more and more interesting possibility how essentially rationalizate feeding of pigs. It is a technological set consist of the filling system and storage of corn without its drying in enamelld silos in gasproof form with cone bottom. Deliver from storage with consecutive grinding is in mixing tanks of liquid feeding for pigs. Maize is brought in receiving hooper and than the receiving snake doses the maize directly into silo. Then the fermentation procedures happen, CO2 comes up and it cures the maize. Waste gas is transfered in sacks, from these sacks is given off by feed taking over regulation unit.


  • connecting to the liquid feeding system for pigs

  • high moisture content storage: up to 38%, cereals up to 25% (storage of all grains)

  • well-balanced temperature of feed - in winter temperature aprox. 12°C

  • better digestibility of feed with higher nutrient content

  • well-balanced quality of feed during the year

  • absence of drying

  • surface layer of corn is not degraded - always upper filling and lower discharge

  • continual filling and discharge

  • grinders with output from 20 to 70 kg/min

  • up to 20% lower investment costs against other systems

  • reduced feeding costs, up to 30%

New offer in our program - systems for secondary utilization of grain and rape =  BIO FUEL = our contribution to living environment.

Ethanol units - the best option for alternative fuels for all vehicles with possibility of surface using in short time horizon. Production of this fuel in world rapidly grows and there, where is built - up useful system, yields ethanol true environment improvement. Ethanol is usually made from sugar-reed or sugar-beet, but raw materials can be cereals or biological trash. Though it has lower energy content than oil or gasoline, but plus for ethanol is easy manipulation.

Units for rape methyl-ester production (RME) - methyl - ester can be additioned to the oil and combustioned in Diesel engines. There are not needed any technical adjustments. RME is produced from rape oil.




Building up of a new manufactroy on feeding meixtures, Konstantinovka VOSCHOD (RU)



Building up of the first part of elevator for stocking of 300.000 tons of grain

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