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In the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia and other states we are building-up many agricultural, industrial and other buildings. The buildings must be nice and functional. Fast isntallation and low-end service. Our construction solution is simple – Our steel construction and covering of buildings are based on heat-insulated sendwich panel, material with high variability and quality. Were developed perfect conceived series of products for covering of walls and roofs

The new series of polyurethan panels or mineral matts offer attractive architectonic variants with guaranteed properties in whole liftimetime of building. Design of the building is a complex of solution including demands on fire protection, hygiene, visage, construction and whole buildability of construction and economical aspects.


Simple, but highly elaborated modular conception of system made from insulated sendwich panels is characteristic by very fast and easy installation. Nowadays, the speed of installation is a „key“ demand from our investors, which results from demands on the fast economic return of investment.

Lower operation costs are reached by minimalization of service, decrease of power consumption in whole lifetime. Insulated sendwich panels are made from high quality materials, using the most modern production facility. The panels are in line with hard demads of ISO verification.

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