Grain and feed processing

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Without quality feed you will never be able to reach quality results on your stables. Systems that we design and build are one of the best in the world. Also, without quality storage of your harvest or feed on your farm is impossible to reach of suitable results on your stables and possitive economic effects.


Therefore we offers complex systems for storage of corn, feed and production of feeding mixtures. From small capacities to high – capacity of manufactories and stores.

Top quality silos, conveyers, grinders and whole lines together with quality project. This is the difference between GREEN GROUP and the others.


Innovation in our program is offer of systems for secondary utilization of corn and rape = BIO FUEL = our help for better living environment from small to large systems of usage of biomass as wanted fuel.

Units for production of BioEtanol

The best option for alternative fuels for all vehicles with possibility of surface using in short time horizon. Production of this fuel in world rapidly grows and there, where is built - up useful system, yields ethanol true environment improvement. Ethanol is usually made from sugar-reed or sugar-beet, but raw materials can be cereals or biological trash. Though it has lower energy content than oil or gasoline, but plus for ethanol is easy manipulation.

Units for rape methyl-ester production (RME)

methyl - ester can be additioned to the oil and combustioned in Diesel engines. There are not needed any technical adjustments. RME is produced from rape oil and it is additive oil to BioDiesel engines.

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