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Our system CzechVision / O.M.T is one of the best IP camera systems in the Czech Republic. System is used not only in agriculture but also in industry, hotels, on the airports etc. We developed own software IQinCzechvision Professional for controlling and recording from IP units, lenguage support is in CZ, EN, RU, D, FR, IT, SP, JP, PO, CH. The advantage of our system is life term software updating, which comes from our developed center, based on customers demand.

The future is in IP camera systems. Market offers better equipment and we start with suppllying of first models with high resolution and format MPEG 4 or H264. Resolution and functions of old fashioned analog CCTV cameras are unsatisfactory becouse coaxial cable has only two ends but LAN network is practiclly unlimited.

In our product portfolio are components from companies ACTi, IQin, Vivotek, SONY, PANASONIC, FLIR, VISION, NUUO, Dipolnet, Planet and CzechVision.

  • Vivotek like a pioneer in the area of camera technologies with compression MPEG-4
  • IQinVision like a best choice in the area of cameras with high resolution (important but the most important parameter, which is moniterd in IP cameras world)
  • ACTi like a supplier of professional stationary and speed dome IP cameras with dual streaming in resolution D1 and wit support IR and PoE.
  • SONY like a supplier of professional speed dome IP cemeras and back-up DVR equipment
  • PANASONIC like a specialist on camera systems in the area of step-by-step technolgy based on analysis of the pictures.
  • FLIR monopoly technology in the area of thermovision scanning, the worlds biggest supplier of thermovision military technology 
  • VISION like a pioneer in the area of analogue CCTV systems
  • NUUO like a best choice of hybrid systems for IP and CCTV camera systems
  • Dipolnet specialist on wireless nets in 5 GHz - range of many kilometers
  • Planet reliable wireless technology in 2,4 GHz for transmission of audio, video signal and for controlling of camera system
  • CzechVision like a supplier of the software IQinCzechvision Professional for IP camera systems, production of PC for CCTV and IP camera systems, thermovision systems, turn-key delivery including projects.

With products from our offer you can watch objects which you are focused on TV Screen, PC or mobile phone – from your home, office, cottage or from the other side of the world – you are every time in picture.

Nowadays is not possible to have a guards which watching each camera or system of cameras, future is in the software which can intelligently analyse the picture. On this account we offer our own product (software IQinCzechvision Profesional 2008), where day by day runs checking based on the inteligent pictutre analyse, evolution and changes.



CCTV camera systems - security vision

Have you need of make safe Your possession? You want have nonstop control of your estates, farm, administration building? Have you requierement, take control of Your object over internet and from arbitrary places from world? Is Your farm areal extensive until several km and it is not possible systems put through cable?

By experience know, that Your queries thereby are not over. Address us, address our team, ours specialist in the area monitor techniques, who shall they aged experience in this technology, ear Your requierement, proposition, project, creation several type offers single system and proposal for for-financing project. Ours society is one of the first, which install monitor techniques to the agricultural object,

We have experiences with secure estates, relay visual and sound material after first-rate wireless nets, monitoring production line, following in the area animal production, camera system to the farm machine and much by other utilize camera techniques. For these systems we are like only in Czech Republic mature personal software IQinCzechvision Profesional 2008 in acceptable and moderate price. This software is separately unsalable, be merely part of us supplied key systems. Next benefits our client be ours professional services, team business colleague, on-line technical support, service 24 hours, evolutionary centre in Brno, ours assembly division, stationary spare parts store, partnership with various manufacturers from all over the world, where we share concurrently on development current and new arrangement. Next pictures are demonstration of our realized order, there you can see location of cameras and their wireless connection to the central controlling system.



Thermovision camera systems in Agriculture

Next new, which first strike our European market late summer 2008, is technology monitoring temperature animals by the help of Thermo cameras. Why we are select this kind of technology ? Answer is absolutely simple, want to save labour cattlebreeder in common traffic in animal production and precede one almost disobserved problems.

Benefits and system behaviour:

  • each disease has a higher body or specific organs. This (eg after the cows have left the parlor, entry into pig feed box, ..) have to determine the onset of the disease and prevented from spreading by preventing disease
  • each animal in optimum condition ("body condition") has certain body proportions. Deviation means any problems with nutrition, pregnancy rates, diseases of the locomotor system. By identifying the optimal animal body frame can be adjusted by food and feed curves have selected for the animal for inspection ... 
  • in terms of the movement of animals or groups suggests problems with the airflow problems with the hierarchy of the herd ... All this will make thermography
  • optimal ventilation settings - Thermal image stable surfaces (floors, walls, roof, ..) allows you to adjust the air flow with regard to the fact that the animal had really optimal conditions in the resting zone (zone lying mostly), so in the winter turned out to current cold air into the optimal location and after preheating


Our current development and knowledge is now focused on the completion of the company Nedap with which we want from early 2009 to distribute the first automatic feeding boxes with either a video system or thermovision system OMT optimizing ration just as "body condition" criteria data obtained from thermal imaging. The aim is to link the system identification, feeding, IR assessment of the animal (thermography data output) via LAN or WI-FI.


Thermal-hand systems in agriculture 

As a complement to stationar termography are hand-held devices, which can be controlled individually animals, kontolovat their thermal state, identify overheating or hypothermia certain parts of the animal, while the device allows control of thermal technology in the stable and the overall control of the hall, escape the heat, wind, and so on. Equipment can be purchased, including proper training or other service is our custom thermal measurements on request.


We'll find out which way you are losing money in thermal energy


Thermal-systems in the industry:

Our specialist for thermal imaging for services for thermal imaging applications, especially in industry and construction. During this time we have gained the necessary know-how, which is next to the high quality thermal imaging techniques essential to achieve optimum results.

Energy efficiency of houses

In building thermography

Thermography in construction allows quick and contactless survey the temperature distribution on the surface of structures and uses it to determine where the shell and which leads to increased heat losses due to thermal bridges as a result of improper execution of joints and connections. Thermography is used to determine thermal properties of building envelopes and is useful in detecting hidden defects buildings. Thermography is capable of the required accuracy of these faults found and their correct evaluation is an essential step for efficient design of technical solutions and subsequently control its implementation. Thermographic measurements in construction can be carried out depending on the weather, usually from November to March.

At temperatures thermovision image are assigned colors according to the temperature scale to the right of the image. Each frame contains the entire color spectrum when nejchladnějšímu point in the image is assigned nejteplejšímu black and white instead of color. In addition to control heat leakage of the building envelope can be searched using the thermal imager as

  • areas with risk of developing allergy mold (thermal imager and humidity sensor)
  • thermal insulation heat distribution
  • heat transfer fluid leaks under floor heating

The images captured from outside the building, we find heat leaks in places according to the temperature range towards higher temperatures and vice versa with pictures taken from inside the building looking for cold spots represented by the color assigned to low temperatures. In industry, the emphasis is placed on the maximum of reliability of machines and equipment, which are increasingly used new methods of preventive maintenance to detect the state of manufacturing technology. His place in preventive maintenance and found thermography.



Thermography in the industry

Measurements using thermal imaging allows to obtain visible information about the temperature distribution on the surface of the sensing device. Measurements are performed during operation without having to shut down the connected technology without any influence on the measured object. Using thermal imaging technology can perform such checks (diagnostics)

  • electrical equipment (condition and quality of connections and terminals, loading transformers, isolators and disconnectors)
  • production technologies (eg state linings and insulation furnace)
  • assistant to analyze the causes of product defects (eg, production of plastic parts)

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