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Simple but heavy duty machine proven by years of using.


We offer hydraulic manipulators with a wide range of arm lengths as a universal means of manipulation.


New system for shovelling of feed to troughs. Greatly increasses the feed intake and production efficiency of dairy cattle!

The shoveller travels automatically up to 30 times per day along the feeding table and shovels scatterd food back into the trough. The shoveller can also flavour the shovelled feeed with a small amount of kernels, which further stimulates the animals to feed. The movement of the machine is computer controlled. The machine is driven by a 24 V battery. When the machine finishes travelling it reamains in the parking positon and is automatically connected to the charger and charged.

The shoveller travels along a rail ina a channel; it has a hight-adjustable strip which folds back when it hits an obstacle. The machine can also travel around bends and so can be used in two-row feeding tables.


The MB 01 manipulator is designed for manipulation with standard round hay bales. It is pulled behind a tractor on a three-point linkage and is connected to the tractor‘s hydraulic system. 

It makes manipulation easy - the built-in hydraulic piston, controlled by the tractor‘s hydraulic system, ensures that the bales are gipped firmly and the vertical position of the bale can be adjusted using the three-point linkage.

It has simple and robust construction, which allows you fast and failure-free using. The narrow width of the arm means that the feed is quickly put on place - when the bale is in the upper position, it is easy to remove the plastic foil from the bottom, and when the bale has been lowered the rest of plastic foil can  be pulled off.


Technical data:

  • Weight: 55kg
  • Inside diameter: 1120mm (for bales diam. 130cm)
  • Loading limit: 700kg



Is made of stainless steel, manufactured with volume 130 l, 180 l, 260 l, heated or non heated.

The milk cart is used to take milk to calves with possibility of heating. The stainless stteel tankis easy to clean and has double bottom, on the back of which there are two heating elements. There is a water gauge for reading of water level, milk temperature is controlled by thermostat. On the front there is a release tap with a hose for transfering of the milk to the trough. A hetaing control panel is supplied with the cart. This cart saves you a grat deal of time when feeding your calves and milk is served at the optimum temperature, especially in winter.

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