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Domestic wastewater treatment plants from 2 to 50 PE


Domestic wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) type Micro – USBF is designed for treatment of sewage wastewater from individual waste sources such as family houses, small hotels, cottages, restaurants, or any other objects range of capacity of 50 PE, away from the access to the central sanitation system. Domestic wastewater plant Micro – USBF fully replace outdated septic tanks, in both terms - the effectiveness and the operating cost.

Range of domestic wastewater treatment is offered in following PE sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50

The plant is capable of treating wastewater from all public facilities such are washrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, washing machines and dish washers, etc.

Very promising application is the using of these plants in decentralized systems in new build villas in new satellite residential zones without central sanitation system. In this way, there are reducing investment costs, since it is not necessary to build miles of sewer collectors and pumping stations.

Technology description

Biological treatment plant Micro – USBF utilises a patent protected progressive USBF technology which is used for domestic wastewater treatment plants for more then 15 years. The bioreactor integrates denitrification, nitrification and separation (clarification) sections in one tank and is based on the principle of low-loaded activation with aerobic sludge stabilisation – see description of USBF Technology. The biological process is continuous with no need for overpriced balance tanks, septic tanks or additional chemical dosing. A small membrane blower ensures the operation of the plant by adding pressure air to the air distributor and subsequently to individual WWTP sections. The plant complies with the valid EU norms and is certified based on long term treatment efficiency testing according to EN 12566-3. Considering the operating procedures are followed the treatment efficiency in the range of 90-97%.


Design of Micro – USBF

The WWTP tank is in the shape of truncated cone and is made of resistant composite material. A inner technological USBF structure is installed in the tank. The WWTP tank is placed into as excavation on a concrete base at a depth allowing gravity connection of the inlet sewer line. The top of the tank can be covered by various sizes of caps and extensions in dependance on level of terrain needs. The opening for the inlet pipe in the cap can be directed into any direction simply by turning the cap. The top composite cover is suitable for walking with a maximum bearing of 200 kg.

Advantages of Micro – USBF

High treatment efficiency

The parameters of treated water meet limits of EU regulations for waste water management. Purification effect of WWTP Micro – USBF with USBF technology use is very high and it is in range of 90 to 98%, (BOD5 cca 95 %, COD cca 90 %, NL cca 95 %, N-NH4 cca 98 %).

Low initial and maintenance costs

Minimum personnel requirements, low electrical power consuption, small volume of excess sludge production, provide very favorable operating costs. Low consumption of electric energy.

Complete exclusion of odours

Aerobic treatment principle used in our WWTPs completely excludes the rotting processes, which are the source of odours.

Operational reliability

Simple structure of our plants and its yearly proven design, ensure high reliability and quality of our service.

Serial production from enforced composite

Treated water suitable for irrigation

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