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The domestic wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) Euro - USBF is mainly designed for treatment of wastewater from individual waste sources i.e. family houses, boarding houses, smaller companies, cottages etc. The plant is capable of treating wastewater from washrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, washing machines and dish washers


Advantages of Euro - USBF

  • high treatment efficiency: 90-97%
  • complete exclusion of odours
  • low initial and operating costs
  • serial production from enforced composite
  • installation with no need for concrete encasement
  • outflow direction setting according to need
  • treated water suitable for irrigation
  • reliable operation with minimum maintenance
  • locking cover in different colours suitable for walking


Description of treatment technology

Biological treatment plant Euro - USBF utilizes a patent protected progressive USBF technology, which is used for domestic wastewater treatment for over 15 years. The bioreactor integrates the denitrification, nitrification and separation (clarification) sections in one tank and is based on the principle of low-loaded activation with aerobic sludge stabilization. The biological process is continuous with no need for overpriced balance tanks, septic tanks or chemical dosing. A small membrane blower ensures the operation of the Euro – USBF plant by adding pressure air to the air distributor and subsequently to individual WWTP sections. The blower can be controlled by a microprocessor control unit, which offers ten different pre-set modes of operation according to current loading (i.e. weekend operation, vacation…). The control unit is especially useful for applications at cottages, vacation houses or other places with greater fluctuation of people connected to the WWTP during the year. The Euro - USBF plant complies with the valid EU norms and is certified based on long term treatment efficiency testing according to EN 12566-3. Considering the operating procedures are followed the treatment efficiency is in the range of 90 – 97%. Values: BOD5 < 15 mg/l, COD Cr < 70 mg/l, SS < 20 mg/l. According to valid norms the plant is considered to be a best available technology (BAT) in the category up to 500 PE.


Investment return

The initial costs of the Euro – USBF system of WWTP and a septic tank are practically the same. The main difference is in the operating costs with constantly growing costs of repetitive waste disposal with a truck from the septic tank on one side and a very low aerobically stable sludge production, which can be used as a fertilizer in a garden, on the other side. The only operating costs of the WWTP is the electricity consumption of the blower, according to WWTP load.



Design of Euro - USBF

The WWTP tank is in the shape of a truncated cone and is made of resistant composite material. A inner technological USBF structure is installed in the tank. The WWTP tank is placed into an excavation on a concrete base at a depth allowing gravity connection of the inlet sewer line. The top of the tank has a rim for setting a low cap. Additionally the cap can be extended with an all purpose extension, which is custom made to copy the level of the terrain. The opening for the inlet pipe in the cap can be directed into any direction simply by turning the cap.

The membrane blower, which is supplied with the plant, must be placed within 10m of the plant (i.e. in a garage, basement) or in an adjusted cover with a blower storage box. The composite cover is suitable for walking with a maximum bearing of 200kg and dimensions. It can be supplied with hinges and a lock upon request. The standard color of the cover is white, however it can be supplied in different colors based on the customer's request.



Technical data of WWTP Euro - USBF:

  • Number of connected people: 2 – 8 PE
  • Wastewater amount: 0,3 – 1,2 m3/day
  • Max. blower input: 114 W
  • Tank height: 1600 mm
  • Tank diameter at bottom: 1400 mm
  • Tank diameter at top including rim: 1980 mm
  • Inlet pipe height: 1650 mm (DN125)
  • Outlet pipe height: 1300 mm (DN125)
  • Total WWTP weight: 125 kg


Decentralized sewerage system for towns and villages

In many European countries a large population is still living in a villages that are not meeting EU water standards. Although local governments are obliged to fulfill the EU requirements for reaching a good water management system by few years, to this day significant part of mentioned population doesn't have possibility of connection to sewer line leading to a central WWTP. Many of the villages are capable of financing their own WWTPs, however the much higher costs of the sewerage systems are the reason for indefinite postponing of the projects. Septic tanks are no longer accepted by the local water authorities because of their very low treatment efficiency and cesspools are costly to operate due to frequent transport of wastewater. It is for these reasons that the only rational alternative for this population are small domestic WWTPs. In case of dense building areas it is possible to join more buildings or whole streets into a single WWTP and solve the sewerage problem of the village gradually by installing local plants. For these cases it is possible to supply a WWTP from our production program (WWTP Mini - USBF, Medium - USBF or Mega - USBF) with a corresponding capacity.

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