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Range of use

Series Mini - USBF packaged wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are designed for small and medium sources of wastewater with capacities ranging from 50 to 500 PE (questhouses, hotels, small municipalities etc.), that can not be connected to a sewage system. They are also very suitable for a local use in decentralized sewerage systems at such locations where building of classic main sewers with one central WWTP in municipalities with a low intensity of development, or municipalities in hilly areas would be excessively costly. This decentralized wastewater disposal system enables an elegant solution of the wastewater problem, mainly a saving of significant financial means required for building of a sewage network. A great advantage of the decentralized sewerage system using the packaged Mini - USBF WWTPs is also the possibility of a sequential construction, and thus also smaller instant capital intensity as the investment may be broken down into a longer period of time.


Technology description

Biological WWTPs using unique advanced USBF technology where the reactor integrates activation as well as separation in a single tank. The separation of treated water from sludge is achieved through biological filter which is formed by sludge blanket. To ensure proper WWTP function is required only appropriate blower.


Technical design description

The advantage of Mini - USBF WWTPs is a simple construction and compact dimensions. Due to flexibility this technology enables to meet individual requests of the customers in term of lenght, width and depth of the WWTP tank. They are constructed as rectangular, self supporting tanks made of polypropylene or composite material into which the USBF technology is installed. The USBF technological inner structure may also be installed into concrete basins. Its compact dimension even make possible a reconstruction of old plants, both in terms of enhancing their capacity and efficiency of treatment. The Mini - USBF WWTPs are produced in wide type ranges and transported to the installation site as a finished product by a lorry. After the WWTP is set into the ground and simple installation, it is immediately ready for operation. Part of the WWTPs delivery is also biological sludge thickener which significantly reduces the amount of excess sludge production



Mini - USBF WWTP advantages

High treatment efficiency:

The parameters of treated water s  meet limits of government regulations CR number: 61/2003 Sb, without any problems. Purification effect of WWTP Mini - USBF with USBF technology use is very high and it is in range of 90 to 98%, (BOD5 cca 95 %, COD cca 90 %, NL cca 95 %, N-NH4 cca 98 %).

Low maintenance costs

Minimum personnel requirements, low electrical power consuption, small volume of excess sludge production, provide very favorable operating costs.

Complete exclusion of odours

Aerobic treatment principle used in our WWTPs completely excludes the rotting processes, which are the source of odours.


Operational reliability

Either, simple structure of our plants and its yearly proven design, ensure high reliability and quality of our service.

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