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Range of use

Series Medium – USBF modular wastewater treatment plants are designed to treat medium volumes of wastewater with capacities ranging from 500 PE to 5 000 PE. Their capacity is sufficient for small towns and municipalities, satellite communities, decentralized sewerage systems, larger individual building complexes, etc. This type of wastewater treatment plants is designed for the treatment of practically all kinds of biologically contaminated wastewaters, both of municipals and industrial character. The use of the Medium – USBF system for reconstructions of old plants for the purpose of their intensification, both in terms of enhancing their capacities and the efficiency of treatment, is quite unique and does not require and additional enlargement of the WWTP sites. A simple and flexible design of the technological inside structures enables a rebuilding of sedimentation and aeration tanks of conventional plants into treatment units - the Medium – USBF modulator reactors. This concept achieves great investment savings, both with constructions of new and reconstructions of classical treatment plants, as well as making the construction markedly simpler and shorter.

Technology description

Biological WWTPs using unique advanced USBF technology where the reactor integrates activation as well as separation in a single tank. The separation of treated water from sludge is achieved through biological filter which is formed by sludge blanket. To ensure proper WWTP function is required only appropriate blower.


Technical design description

Modular WWTPs type Medium - USBF is enabled to integrate into one basin all decisive water treatment processes that are needed for high quality purification. It also comprises a sludge tickener that greatly reduces the volume of excessive sludge production. Flexibility of the geometric arrangement of the Medium - USBF technological inner structure, which is of a conical cross-section, allows the utilisation of both, the circular as well as squared basin shapes and an adjustment to various depths of these basins. The basins may be constructed as concrete one, or assembly from steel or another option is bolted tanks made from enameled metal plates. The design of the technological inside structures uses heat galvanized or stainless or composite materials. Compressed air for a fine-bubble aeration system is supplied either by blowers with revolution switching speed features or by turbo-blowers with continuously variable output for higher capacities. The aeration system fulfills the most demanding requirements for efficiency of oxygen transfer as well as the demand for economy and reliability of operation. The modular construction of WWTPs type Medium - USBF enable easy transport in a standard shipping container and then quick installation anywhere in the world.


Medium - USBF WWTP advantages

High treatment efficiency:

Using USBF technology achieves quality treated water suitable not only for direct discharges into sewage system but also suitable for recycling for various technological purposes. Purification effect of WWTP Medium - USBF with USBF technology use is very high and it is in range of 90 to 98%, (BOD5 cca 95 %, COD cca 90 %, NL cca 95 %, N-NH4 cca 98 %)


Low initial costs

Modular WWTPs type Medium - USBF have less demand for built-up area then classical plants, there are no need to build primary sedimentation tanks. For these reasons there are significant financial savings.



Low maintenance costs

Minimum personnel requirements, low electrical power consuption, small volume of excess sludge production, provide very favorable operating costs.


Design flexibility

USBF technology is one of the most appropriate technology for reconstruction and intensification of old ones. Installation of technological inner structures into already existing basins can increase its capacity by up to 40%. Therefore there are no needs build new reservoirs or expand existing reservoirs.


Hydraulic flexibility

In areas with significant seasonal population increases the inner technological structure can be divided into several corridors. This system enable to operate the appropriate number of sections.


Complete exclusion of odours

Aerobic treatment principle used in our WWTPs completely excludes the rotting processes, which are the source of odours.


Operational reliability

Either, simple structure of our plants and its yearly proven design, ensure high reliability and quality of our service.

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