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Range of use

Series Mega – for larger capacities, chemical treatment plants are designed both for the purification of water by chemical precipitation and by coagulation hydrolysing coagulants. Design flexibility of Chemical WWTP reactor forms the basis for an extremely wide range of technical applications with output from 0.5 l/s to 50 l/s. Examples of industrial use is wastewater neutralization, water softening, by removing temporary hardness, iron and manganese removal of groundwater and many others.

Technology description

Fluidized bed filtration for separating of suspension resulting in purification process has a long tradition. It was the chemical water treatment where the principle of fluidized bed filtration has been used first time and then spread to the area of biological purification. This technology came into consciousness under the name USBF as evolution from Chemical treatment, based on biological principle (Upflow Sludge Blanket Filtration).

The main basis of the Chemical WWTP technical solution is a new clarifier. The significant feature of the new generation of Chemical WWTP clarifier is its geometric configuration that enable reduce technology built into a plate dividing wall, that allows a wide flexibility of shape as well as volume of reaction space.

Water softening process is carried out by decarbonization. As part od dekarbonization unit is also filter with fixed filter layer in the patented filter form.

Chemical - WWTP advantages


High treatment efficiency

Optimal use of contact decarbonation while improving the separation characteristics.


Design flexibility

Flexible design solution of Chemical - WWTP clarifiers enable to customize the process to individual needs and requirements of the customer's water quality.


Low initial costs

Technology uses in Chemical - WWTP plants greatly simplifying the softening units for chemical water treatment and thus generate the investment and operational savings.

Operational reliability

Automation service of decarbonization units with a simple and reliable dosage of calcium hydrate minimize the needs for operator

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