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The high capacity animal farming used in the modern agricultural industry has created an acute problem - the production of vast volumes of liquid, highly polluted waste. This problem is especially pressing in the case of pig farms. Animal manure, at the same time, represents an irreplaceably complex source of organic matter and nutrients, depletion of which is the cause of the soils reduced fertility. The Agro WWTP system is a cost effective solution to this problem. It extracts all the valuable components of manure in solid form, and then treats the liquid fraction to a quality enabling it to be discharged directly to general water sources. The Agro WWTP system is an example of a complex industrial biotechnology which utilizes the matter not only for production of manure fertilizer but also for treatment of wastewater.


Technical design description

A) Production of humus fertilizer

The processes involved in the mechanical and chemical treatment of manure, and the conversion of organic matter and nutrients into solid substance, are intertwined with the process of composting in one complex technological step. The heart of the process is sorption of nutrients and colloid form of the organic matter onto the produced humus substance. Chemical aid is limited to the use of ecologically safe calcium hydroxide. This contributes not only cost efficiency and environmental friendliness, but also leads to a better quality product. A continuous aerobic process with forced aeration in a reactor is used for composting. Part of the humus substance, needed as sorption material in the mechanical and chemical processing of the manure is recycled back into a mixing tank. Processing of manure to a solid substance as well as charging and discharging of the reactor is discontinuous.

B) Treatment of the liquid fraction of manure

For treatment of the highly polluted liquid of the manure, a biological activated sludge process with low activated sludge loadings, is used. The treatment includes nitrification and denitrification of nitrogen compounds and also biological dephosphorization. During the treatment processes the sludge is simultaneously aerobicaly stabilized which results in improved sludge blanket filtration separation characteristics. Residual contaminant reach following values - (BOD5 8 mg/l, COD 160 mg/l, SS 15 mg/l, N-NH4 5 mg/l, N-NH3 20 mg/l, N-NH2 0,6 mg/l, P total 3 mg/l).

Technical concept of Agro – WWTP system

A composting line, including reactors, complemented by mechanical and chemical processes which transforms the organic matter and nutrients to a solid substance, is the key process step of the Agro - USBF system. Integral to the line is biological and chemical treatment of the liquid fraction of the manure, using the principles of sludge blanket filtration. Finally, the system includes storage of supplemental source of carbon in the form of organic matter. Individual technological steps of the process are interconnected by a network of screw conveyors and bucket elevators which ensure that the material never requires manual handling. The humus product is ripened on a hardened surface area adjacent to the composting line for period of six weeks.

Agro - WWTP advantages

The final product is a high quality humus fertilizer. Excellent nutritional values and soil structure enhancing properties of the product are accentuated by microbial enrichment of the substance antagonistic to pathogen microorganisms and to malefactors such as nematodes. This humus fertilizer is a first class vegetation and plant growth intensification product. Due to the high temperatures reached during the composting, the product is normally free of the pathogen microorganisms. It’s also non-toxic and can be safely handled by existing distribution networks. The market price of the product ensures profitability and an early return investment. The Agro - WWTP system is a cost-effective solution to the serious ecological problem of manure treatment and its disposal.

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