Collection of wood biomass

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The process of collecting biomass, requires some preparation logistics. It is necessary to introduce a new system for cutting wood in the forest, which are automated and can be cut with the least forest biomass leaving while cutting in the forest. Technical improvements in deforestation reduces the number of workers needed for the harvest and handling, reducing time delivering wood to the loading process and then crushing into wood chips. Mobile granulators enable the production of wood chips, wood, making it easier to transport, reducing the density of the wood and allows a small reduction in the percentage of humidity. The system of container wood chips are conveyed to the pellet plant, where it stores a short period and then processed into pellets. Machinery required for the development of logistics:

  • Mobile shredder – harwarder in a forest, with a trailer for loading wood,
  • Additional timber transporter in the forest,
  • Mobile Ciper - granulator biomass (wood turning wood into chips)
  • Trucks or tractors with 'hook-lift "containers for easy handling and effective collection of woody biomass



                                                    Organizing the collection of woody biomass for pellet plant

         Wood cutting machine, loading and transportation of logs and wood biomass to the road where is mobile chipper