Green Group our philosophy



Green Group is working on Sustainable Development, especially in projects of Renewable Energy Systems. Basic concept of our work is designing process to utilize minimum of available matter and energy. Only by respecting of this principle of minimum of matter and energy we can achieve maximum of energy efficiency, development of eco-friendly process and sustainable development of projects.

Our philosophy

Due to negative environmental impact of entire industry and wrong development of economy it is imperative that future development must turn to new processes, which are environmentally friendly and has positive effect. This is why we choose projects of Sustainable Development coupled with Renewable Energy System utilization, with improved scientific knowledge, where we seek opportunity to connect projects to develop districts and regions. By building new systems that are Sustainable, our customers will produce more healthy products, example pure water, improved quality food, sufficient amounts of heat and electric energy in eco-friendly way.

By making a closed cycle system, with respect of minimum spend energy and matter, we design the most efficient sustainable development mechanism, which has great positive impact on economy development of districts and regions. Our clients which are public companies – or local governments, state governments regarding topics of Regional Development and other Companies, we tend to put all processes together in closed systems to make all subject part of one project, in order to improve quality of living in region, or in country.



Green Group is working on achieving as many Sustainable project as possible, in order to achieve improvement in overall quality of life of people, synchronized with nature, because it is important to respect and to understand plant and animal wildlife. By achieving projects that are according to our philosophy, economic growth will be high, education standard of people will be higher and new companies will start to work in this sector generating more and more jobs, that are stable in order to decrease fluctuation in level of production and make economic environment friendlier, as well as nature

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