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Energetics | Offer of Energy generating products

GREEN GROUP is supplier of the energy – energy generating products needed for heating and a large number of various industrial processes. GREEN GROUP is especially technological driving force in the industry of heating. Company is offering energy generating products to all application areas and for all fuels high quality solutions. Special Emphasis Company provides for supply of energy products in area of renewable energy sources - RES, thereby protecting the environment and increase of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency.



The RES energy generating products are:

  • Straw Pellets
  • Pellets from agricultural biomass
  • Wood pellets
  • Biomass
  • Raw agricultural biomass
  • Wood chips
  • Biogas
  • Methane CH4 for CNG vehicles
  • Biodiesel
  • Bioethanol
  • Supply of thermal energy from efficient boilers and cogeneration of solar energy
  • Supply of electricity from cogeneration, PV systems and hydropower





In addition to these energy sources that are renewable sources, we are supplying fossil fuels, namely the supply of petroleum; petroleum products, fuel oil and natural gas, and we offer the possibility of more efficient use of fossil energy sources:

  • Use of coal in cogeneration or when connecting with biomass
  • The use of fuel oil for heating, with a tendency replace fuel oil as an energy source with a set of pellets
  • The use of oil in the process of cogeneration and chemical processes related to oil
  • Use high-quality petroleum products to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions of harmful radiation
  • The use of natural gas in heating systems and processes ORC and CCGT cogeneration system



The main properties of supplying energy when working with GREEN GROUP:

  • Efficient supply of a sufficient amount of energy based on previous studies of the evaluation and for use in a specific project
  • Stable and efficient delivery of energy, so as to avoid the risk of interruption of supplies of establishing reserves when using
  • Determining fixed energy prices for a longer period of time, in order to know in advance the economic parameters of the plant in the realized project
  • Fixed long term contract price provides a stable and continuous growth and development of companies that do business with us
  • The tendency for a greater share of renewable energy projects in the supply of heat and electricity
  • Increase energy efficiency and diversification of the use of different types of fuels and by types of sources
  • Application of standards in the use of different types of fuels with a mechanism for monitoring and laboratory testing of the quality of fuel used




The reason for this approach is the impending energy supply crisis in the supply of fossil fuels, mainly related to problems of supply of natural gas, which now has priority as a fuel for heating. The presence of biomass enables to increase the share of renewable energy for heating and cogeneration applications with better access to the supply and use of thermal energy purposes, the share of natural gas will be reduced.



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