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We offer high quality pellets made of straw, of EN 14961-6: 2012 standard made by KAHL pelleting system. The pellets may be used for:

  • Combustion in non-industrial and industrial biomass furnaces with greater capacity (adjusted for combustion of agro-pellets), for the purposes of heating boilers or boilers for cogeneration
  • Combustion in stoves/furnaces for agro-pellet with lower capacity for individual users
  • The use of wood pellets as an ingredient for organic compost – making a quality fertilizer
  • Using pellets for mixing with manure for easier removal of manure and urine
  • Application of the pellet as the bedding in livestock production, particularly useful as bedding (steletka) for small animals. Dry agro-pellets absorb urine and feces of animals which eliminate odor smell


The quantities available: 12,500 tons/year; or 40 tons (2 truck loads) per day. Documents that we can support with: Certification list with physical and chemical analysis of pellets, confirmation that KAHL assembled pellet plant, pictures of plant and pellet confirmation from the EU that Serbia has a license to export pellets from made from agro biomass – from straw. 


Basic physical and chemical parameters that emphasize pellet quality




Dry mass

% of mass


Load density





< 3



 < 5



 < 0.5






 < 5









 < 5




Combustible chlorine*

% of mass



mg/kg of mass


Net calorific value



Gross calorific value




% of mass


If you are interested about further conditions or features of agro-pellets and capabilities of production send e-mail for further information and communication. Also we are sending information that we have the technical capability to introduce furnaces on offered agro-pellets with small and large capacity for effective use of pellets in thermal energy generation or cogeneration process. 


Certification document of produced straw pellets can be downloaded from link:

The features of produced straw pellets is that they are best in class and produced by improved pellet technology.

For downloading of entire article of benefits of using straw pellets, visit link:

Article summarizes facts of straw biomass in comparison to wood biomass and wood pellets, and gives information about benefits of straw pellets in livestock production.

Notification: biomass structure of straw pellets due to smaller amount of lignin is less flexible and tends to brake more easier even on low amounts of humidity. Because of this:

  • Burning of straw pellets is faster and overall efficiency of boilers with correct technology for straw pellet utilization is greater.
  • Also due to easier cracking of straw pellet structure, it is more feasible for using as animal bedding; with lower humidity straw pellet mass has more potential of absorbing urine (from 6 to 8 times greater mass of mass of pellets) and feces of animals, greatly reducing odor smells and extending periods between changing of bedding compared to wood pellets as animal bedding. Water must be added to wood pellets applied as animal bedding for reducing strength of biomass structure, reducing absorbsion capacity.

Straw has a higher abrasive power (in relation with its silica content), possibly inducing increased wear of the die and rolls if the latter are made of the same steel as for wood residues. So more complex technology is used for pelleting of straw biomass, thus increasing costs of production. In any case, homogeneity of pellets regarding size, water content and particle density, all parameters of great relevance to achieve fully automatic operation and complete combustion are important to monitor during process of pelleting.

There has to be specially designed equipment for combustion of straw pellets, and systems for cyclones; with proper equipment in straw pellets utilisation, several major obstacles regarding emissions (dust, gas and aerosols), deposit formation (slagging, fouling) and corrosion problems must solved. Ash contents are usable for fertilizing.

In program of cooperation we also offer A class of furnaces for stable combustion of straw pellets, in V class of furnaces. Materials used in these furnaces successfully solve all mentioned problems with combustion of straw pellet biomass: dust, gas and aerosols emission due to filter system, slagging, fouling is solved with vibrating grid, and materials are corrosion resistant.


Finally, improvements in quality could come from the pellet preparation stage, with the addition of some specific anti-slagging agents or the mixing with sawdust to present final characteristic more convenient with regard to combustion and ash issues. Offered pellets have top of the line system of biomass selections with usage of StraTEK – Denmark and KAHL German technology, therefore ensuring good quality of straw pellets.


Diversity of straw agro biomass – low level of price fluctuations during years and seasonal change, high quantities available, usage in special designed systems are main benefits of using straw - agrobiomass compared to wood biomass.

Because of lower lignin value gross calorific value of straw is slightly less than pure wood biomass, but CO and CH4 a greenhouse gases level emission is lower with straw biomass than compared to wood.

Since straw pellets are pure, natural products without additives and of high hygienic, they are the best products for animal bedding. Straw pellets are easier to be stored and can be stored for a longer time. By extending periods of changing of pellets as animal bedding in chicken farms it is possible to have pellets as bedding in one whole turnus of chicken production . Straw pellets are also suitable for smaller animals: cats, dogs, parrots, rabbits…; horse farming, goat farming and others.


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