GREEN GROUP is company that is working on trading of various goods on markets of southeast Europe, Russia Federation and some markets of Asia and Africa. Most of goods that we trade are in renewable energy, high quality fossil fuel, agricultural commodities and other goods.

Green Group Industries combines industry knowledge, service, structuring capabilities and long-term commitment to the agricultural markets globally – including making investments across a range of different organizations such as grain, frozen fruit, milk products and meat production and trading companies in region of Vojvodina – Serbia and close countries. Vojvodina region has great agricultural potential but lack of coordination and low government institution support is devastating for development of agricultural production. Our work is based on introduction of new technology systems in production and branding production.

With precise management and constant information sharing with our partner companies we tend to make good cooperation with foreign companies providing best possible quality products. By further investing in renewable energy systems and sustainable development mechanism our partner companies we can provide better quality and stable delivery to customers. All products are for EU market, and Serbia is surrounded by countries that are members of European Union, also Serbia is candidate for WTO and has a free trade regime with Russia Federation and good trade management with China. Green Group Industries has managed good trade routes with Asia and Africa countries, by providing offers for most of big sea ports from our three closest sea ports: Constanta (Romania), Rijeka (Croatia) and Thessaloniki (Greece).


This expertise extends across the entire process of agricultural production, industrial process of production of goods production and consumption – from soil to the consumer – providing our clients with access to a unique understanding of the market. As addition we provide advices of proper food handling so that our goods meet customer demands in foreign countries for good taste and popularization of our products and brand. In Serbia we have a network of fine food restaurants that prepare good meals with our products achieving proper usage of goods for organic and healthy food and diet.


By other areas of sustainable development our goal is to make better agriculture production in order to make more accessible organic healthy products in cooperation with RES – renewable energy sources and sustainable development agriculture.


Future development of our production with partner companies is production of agriculture healthy food by new more effective ways of production based on usage of hydroponic plantation and aeroponics plantation for more effective usage of space of abandoned production halls and more effective healthy food distribution in cities.

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