Milk process plant goat farm

Milk process plant and goat farm


Our milk processing plant is located in Indjija Vojvodina, northern part of Serbia. Capacity of the plant is 10000 liters of milk per day and it was designed and constructed in accordance with the highest European standards for the food processing industry, and is one of the largest plants for production of goat milk. Milk processing equipment is mostly from Italy.

GREEN GROUP Industries has, certificates CSN EN ISO 9001, CSN EN ISO 14001, CSN OHSAS 18001, and in milk production we raise criteria much higher compared to other producers monitoring the quality of raw milk, which is acquired mainly from our own farm and by purchasing from several farmers. We work together with EMPLA institute in order to monitor quality of milk. As the result of all this, we have managed to produce a range of unique and high quality products of goat milk, which are used not only as food, but also in preventive and health purposes in numerous health disorders.

With our wealth of experience and continuous improvement in the production of raw milk and we educate our suppliers and we have reached the quality of raw milk far above the required value norms of the Republic of Serbia and the EU. As a result, the rich variety of unique and high quality products were made from goat milk. Accordingly, in particular, we must emphasize that the composition of our products comes exclusively goat milk without additives of any preservatives. Milk process unit can produce cheese products from cow milk as well as goat milk for soft cheese products

Our products are:

  • Goat yogurt       packaging of 350ml and packaging of 750 ml
  • Soft goat feta cheese        packaging 500g and in 5000g packaging
  • Semi hard cheese Pikant      packaging of 125g and in 1200g packaging
  • Goat whey                packaging 350ml and packaging of 750ml packaging
  • Cow semi hard cheese Cow feta cheese         packaging of 250g, 500g and in 5000g packaging
  • Goat feta cheese in olive oil              packaging of 300 g



According with highest standards we have build a goat farm with herd of highyielding goats. Goats are mainly imported from Austria and Italy and well acclimated to conditions in Indjija. In cooperation with Agricultural Faculty in Novi Sad we have become a reputable farm which has served as a place for education and practical training.


One of methods of improvement of production is usage of renewable energy sources, such as plan to produce electric energy from photovoltaic solar systems and to produce heat energy from wheat straw pellets or residual biomass that we produce also in Indjija. We also carry out a complete control of goat productivity, thus the farm is in fact a center for highquality breeding goats and bucks, which, by breeding throughout Serbia, enable the development of this somewhat neglected branch of cattle breeding

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