Oil materials

Oil materials – sunflower crude and refined oils


Green Group Industries is trading with high quality oil materials for human feeding, cosmetics industry, emollient substances and biodiesel production. As Serbia is not a large country we are servicing number of Industries in the world that are producing sunflower and its goods and several industries are from Russia Federation and also Brazil. Russia is the largest producer in the Euro and Asia region with about 9.7 million tons, 37% of total regional production. Also in Europe zone top 5 producing countries are Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey producing 88% of the total production. The largest importer in the region is Turkey with over 900 thousand tons, 61% of total import, and also importers are UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iraq. As for developing countries Africa countries are also increasing in import levels of oil and also other agricultural commodities.

Brazil and Argentina offers quality crude oil that are ready for deliveries and with possibility of entering process of production into usually feeding oil. Brazil alone offers vast amount of sunflower oil, where part of oil is used for production of biodiesel for cars and other products.

By working in area of sunflower growing these plants have one of the shortest growing seasons of the major cash crops of the world and are used to make oil, meat and confectionary products. More than 80% of the sunflower value comes from the oil that is extracted when cold pressed using a hydrocarbon, such as hexane.

Production of seeds: The long established leaders of sunflower seed and sunflower by-product production are the Russian Federation and Argentina and, more recently, Ukraine, who have become the number one producer and exporter in the world. Together, these countries produce over half of the sunflower seed to the world.

Sunflower seed crushing business is a low margin, high volume business. Sunflower oil must compete with other vegetable oils in terms of price and quality. With 15% gross margin, the break-even volume lays at 30% capacity utilization. Sufficient supply of raw material is the key to success.

An alternative to crushing sunflower seed is to import crude oil and refine it locally. Turkey and Arab countries is very successful in this respect. It imports over 300,000 ton crude oil, and exports over 100,000 MT of refined oil to neighboring Iraq, Syria and Israel. Our goal is to produce technics and new systems that may ensure that other countries have import of crude oil and produce locally refined sunflower oil

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